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  • The clarity of digital voice

  • Unlimited Domestic Calling

  • Great rate on international calling

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    • 100% Fiber-Optic Network


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  • FiOS Digital Voice

    • Unlimited local and long distance calling across
      the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico

    • 20+ calling features

    • Get voice mail via email

    • 100% Fiber-Optic Network


    Plus taxes & fees. Subject to availability.

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  • The Clearest Calls in Great River

    The only thing that should stand in the way of great communication is time. Not call quality. Hear every word because FiOS® Digital Voice in Great River is part of the Verizon fiber-optic network, which has 99.9% reliability. FiOS Digital Voice customers rate their home phone service higher in sound quality than cable customers rate their own.*

    • Hear every word with HD-like sound.
    • Never drop a call, the network is 99.9% reliable.
    • Get greater control with integration between FiOS services.
    • Control everything from your web-enabled device.
  • Source: ChangeWave Research, a service of 451 Research, LLC. Based on July-Aug. 2011 proprietary survey among a panel of educated consumers. For more on ChangeWave, visit

  • Take Control of Your Phone

    Get ultimate control over your calling life with FiOS Digital Voice in Great River. Verizon FiOS customers have more than 20 advanced calling features at their disposal. These features are as simple as they are powerful. Make informed decisions about when to answer a call, keep out unwanted callers and always get incoming calls, even if it's on another phone. With these features you can:

    • Let Caller ID Blocking keep your phone number secure.
    • Get every phone call by forwarding them to up to 3 devices.
    • Manage your settings from any web enabled device.
    • Get alerts when there is a voicemail at home with text or email notification.

  • Your Best Friend in an Emergency

    Another great reason to get FiOS Digital Voice in Great River, beyond the cool integration with FiOS TV, is for the added peace of mind. Emergency services will instantly know your address if you ever have to call 911. Because home phones work even durring blackouts, you will never be left disconnected. Landlines are also more secure, making it harder for someone to steal personal info you may share on a phone call.

  • Don't Get Caught With Your Phone Down

    Did you know that in Great River, there are approximately 1,375 cellular calls dropped every day? Compare that with the 99% network reliability of Verizon FiOS Digital Voice, and you'll understand why there are still around 326 households in your city that rely on home phone. And most people enjoy the same reliability with other services, as part of a phone bundle. Join the 316 homes that enjoy bundles in Great River, and get Verizon home phone today.

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