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The deadline for entries is December 15, 2014 Infographic Scholarship

Recently students have embraced technology and dramatically changed the way it is used in education. It's no surprise that technology continues to evolve both in and out of the classroom. But what does the future hold?

Question: What are 3 ways you see technology changing education for students in the future?

How to enter:

Create an image that represents how you, or how you think the typical person uses the Internet. Be sure to cite your sources.

1 Write

Write in 500 words or less and in list form create a top 3 list showing how you see technology for students in the future and briefly explain each point on your list.


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Helpful Guidelines

Want to increase your chances of winning $1000 for school? Follow these guidelines:

  • Be Creative:
    The more creative you can be the more unique your essay will be.

  • Keep it simple:
    Less than 500 words isn't much so don't make it too complicated

  • Use examples:
    Examples are great for improving your credibility. Site your sources when possible.

  • Submit before the December 15, 2014 deadline.

Congratulations to last semester's winner!

Grant Everett

Grant Everett

College: University of Texas, Arlington

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